Why can the business loan be considered an investment?

Terms such as borrowing, taking credit and other synonyms that apply to the action of borrowing money and then paying it in installments with interest are forbidden by many entrepreneurs. In some cases, employees who suggest this credit strategy for the time of business have their intellectual capacities seriously questioned. But does a thought so […]

100000 Euro Loan – Request Rate – Unbureaucratic & Secure

Are you planning to borrow 100,000 Euros ? Freely usable, so that you achieve your personal goals barrier-free? Use, without obligation and undisturbed, the comparison calculator. Still uncertain? After all, you do not take credit, 100,000 euros every day? 100000 Euro credit – get it right The desire for high credit, 100,000 euros is a […]

Personal loan simulation: comparison and calculation of the installment

You need liquidity and you have to ask for a personal loan, but is it difficult to move between the various offers to choose the most convenient one? With a simulation of a personal loan you will have the opportunity to choose the financing offer that best suits your needs. Today, there are many loan […]

Non-interest-bearing loan between private individuals

    An interest-free loan between private individuals may not provide for the payment of an interest rate, but your contract must be drawn up according to precise indications: the risk is in fact that the Inland Revenue believes that it is a suspected undeclared income, on which the payment of penalties could also be […]

Short-term loans: what are they? Duration and various types

Short-term loans are provided by ordinary credit institutions in the form of cash or signature credits. These are banking transactions whose contractual deadlines must not exceed 18 months . Also the so-called revocable bank loans, or those granted with an undetermined maturity but on which the bank reserves the right to request the repayment of […]

Loans with guarantor without payroll and bad payers

Loans with guarantor are a form of subsidized financing, aimed especially at those who cannot demonstrate consolidated income to the bank. When a financial institution is preparing to provide a loan, in fact, one of the first actions it performs is the control over the economic solidity of the applicant. For this reason, the loan […]