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Online loan simulation to avoid surprises

A simulation of the installment of a personal loan can become very useful if you do not know which financing offer to choose.

A simulation of the installment of a personal loan can become very useful if you do not know which financing offer to choose.

This is a difficult decision: very often, requesting a loan means having to face the monthly repayment of installments for a period that can last up to several years. When choosing the loan to be accepted, therefore, it is better to be well aware of how heavy the repayment will be. Fortunately, there are many online calculation tools that provide us with different simulation options, highlighting the most important aspects of financing.

The first suggestion when a personal loan must be contracted is always to compare the most interesting offers , which can vary, for the same sum received, for interest rate (fixed or variable), duration of the amortization plan and frequency of rate. These are all elements that affect the amount of the single installment. The comparison, however, can be complex if we are faced with abstract figures and interest rates, which do not give a precise and immediate idea of ​​the weight of the loan. Better to focus on a concrete aspect: how much will each installment cost?

To obtain this result, just use one of the many online calculation tools , which allow you to highlight the weight of the installment by entering few easily available information: the amount received on loan, the interest rate, the duration of the loan, the repayment rate. Regarding the interest rate , pay attention to what is required of you: the TAN or the APR, which is slightly higher because it also counts the ancillary expenses to be faced in order to obtain a rapid financing.

Depending on the calculation tool you have chosen, you can have several options for simulating the loan installment. For example, some specialized websites offer a complete amortization plan, in which the exact composition of the single installment is also reported. In this way, not only will you know how much you will have to pay for each individual installment, but also how much each time the share of interest will be compared to the capital to be repaid. You will then be aware of how much the bank will get from your every payment.

Why can the business loan be considered an investment?

Terms such as borrowing, taking credit and other synonyms that apply to the action of borrowing money and then paying it in installments with interest are forbidden by many entrepreneurs.

In some cases, employees who suggest this credit strategy for the time of business have their intellectual capacities seriously questioned. But does a thought so ingrained fit the profile of so-called entrepreneurs?

Of course the easiest association to make with regard to loans is that about taking out expenses and getting worse, but that is not always the case. In this post, we show you how the loan can really boost the results. Check out.

Importance of having balanced accounts

  • Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business
    • Investing in optimization and cost reduction technologies
    • Facilitate the payment of more expensive debts
    • Unblock the business for tax, tax or labor issues
    • Securing tax deductions

Importance of having balanced accounts

Accounts up to date. This is a good point to start this discussion, because, most of the time, it is the justification of the entrepreneurs not to take credits in the market.

Nowadays, having a scalable business is one of the most important characteristics to succeed in business, after all, having few fixed expenses and capacity to serve more customers means only increased earnings.

However, in order to reach this point, one must find balance, including financial. Whether it is to hire resource optimization technologies, or to increase inventory to meet an opportunity that arises, a loan can help in finding that ideal spot.

And yes, exchanging a more expensive loan for a cheaper one is a way of putting order and strategy into the company’s accounts.

Anyone who wants to progress knows that there is no business without monthly expenses. The idea is to make them fit in the budget instead of stifling their efforts.

Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business

Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business

Considering that it is possible to achieve this balance by borrowing, let us look at some situations in which they will enter the strategy equation positively.

Investing in optimization and cost reduction technologies

At all times, innovations come to market that are able to optimize processes and reduce costs.

If you needed to have a full team to do marketing management, for example, today automation solutions analyze customer behavior, interact as if they were people on social networks, and even fire emails to specifically targeted audiences.

That is, while they increase the quality of the interactions, they convert more sales by their efficiency in the treatment of the data and still reduce the cost with the skilled labor. And such solutions spread throughout the organization chart of companies.

Facilitate the payment of more expensive debts

The Brazilian economy is experiencing ups and downs, which in some cases compel entrepreneurs to make more difficult decisions in order to minimize problems.

In more prosperous times, however, it is possible to seek credit solutions that are more advantageous than those previously contracted. Thus, swapping a heavier debt for another that frees up the company’s investment capacity is also a good deal.

Unblock the business for tax, tax or labor issues

Speaking of difficult decisions and decisions, in some cases, they also end up involving a default situation with taxes and mandatory contributions to the government.

It turns out that, with the end of the cycles, the assessment of the supervisory entities can prevent the continuity of the business operation. In these critical moments, the loan is also seen as an investment for the business to stay alive and able to recover its results.

Securing tax deductions

Still considering institutional relations with the government, borrowing from credit institutions, such as Nexoos, allows the company to have a tax advantage for the use of third-party capital. The amount used is deducted from that in which the calculation for the collection of the tax is levied.

The loan will always be valid when the return it brings is more advantageous than its costs. For this, the analysis of its conditions must be carried out judiciously and always considering the financial capacity of the business.

This is the philosophy of Nexoos, which connects entrepreneurs with potential investors: offering credit conditions that boost business.

100000 Euro Loan – Request Rate – Unbureaucratic & Secure

Are you planning to borrow 100,000 Euros ? Freely usable, so that you achieve your personal goals barrier-free?

Use, without obligation and undisturbed, the comparison calculator. Still uncertain? After all, you do not take credit, 100,000 euros every day?

100000 Euro credit – get it right

100000 Euro credit - get it right

The desire for high credit, 100,000 euros is a lot of money, is no coincidence. Only people who really have “big things” in mind dare to use such credit sums.

100000 Euro Credit – to finance the big things in life safely

For example, they acquire residential property. Not infrequently, there is also the desire to fundamentally renovate the existing property once.

Together, the 100,000 euro loan in both cases is the future-proof investment. Many now refer to real estate as concrete gold.

Home ownership is the safest retirement plan. At the same time recognized store of value.

Inhabited and well-kept houses do not lose their value. The value increases slowly but steadily.

This means that the property is the safest form of securing a loan. Of course, that remains that way, although the credit is 100,000 euros freely usable.

Provider search – simply to the bank does not work

Provider search - simply to the bank does not work

So easy “just” go to the bank, quickly get 100,000 euros loan, which works in most cases not. It does not even have to be the personal credit rating, which makes the credit request a big deal.

Because really big credit, 100,000 euros are guaranteed to do so, not all banks are clearing up. For many local providers it stops with the loan for free use already at about 30,000 euros.

Many direct banks draw the final stroke around 50,000 euros online. The lenders, who do not think so “shirt-sleeved”, but also dare on large loans, discover potential customers in the affiliated credit comparison.

Freely usable without restriction. If you want, you can then put the money in your pilot training or the world tour.

However, without adequate proof of credit the way is rocky.

Credit comparison – favorable interest rates and desired rates

Credit comparison - favorable interest rates and desired rates

The credit comparison not only gives an idea of ​​which bank is willing to lend 100,000 euros of credit for free use. At the same time, the providers disclose the terms on which they grant the loan request.

Interesting is not the view of the low entry rates. With the credit, 100,000 euro freely usable, it starts from 2.95 per cent effective annual interest.

It is much more interesting to compare the 2/3 example. According to the price regulation, the example shows which credit conditions actually apply to 2/3 of the customers.

In addition, it is important for the loan is not 100000 euros in this case, the rate is the rate. By adjusting the running time, the desired rate can be influenced.

But, always remember, the longer the term, the more compound interest increases the cost.

Interest examples – credit 100000 euros

Interest examples - credit 100000 euros

In principle, the term of the installment loan is between 12 and 144 months. Most applicants take up very high credit with 84 or 120 months of credit. If, for example, 100,000 euros of credit are to be financed for 84 months, the offer could come from Postbank.

Starting at 2.59 percent APR, lending is possible. According to a representative example, Postbank customers pay for their loan, 100,000 euros – 84 months’ duration – 5.59 percent APR.

This leads to a monthly installment of 1,434.71 euros. A total of 120,515.86 euros will be repaid to cover the loan after 7 years of repayment.

The bottom line is thus 20,515.86 euros borrowing costs.

Select small installments – 120 months duration

Select small installments - 120 months duration

Small installments relieve the budget. Moreover, they basically make the loan safer. After all, a small mandatory rate in an emergency is still easier to “scrape together” than a higher total.

That’s why a 120-month term (10 years) with 100,000 euros credit is probably the better choice. The right offer could come from credit bankive.

According to a representative example, Cerditplus customers pay for their credit, with a term of 120 months, 4.99 percent pa Effective interest rate is calculated at a monthly rate of 1,054.77 euros.

So almost 400 euros less than in the first example. In total, borrowers pay back € 126,572.33 in 10 years for € 100,000 loan.

Below the line of the interest calculation thus financing costs in the amount of 26.572,33 euros.

Credit in difficult cases – extra credit

Credit in difficult cases - extra credit

High credit, 100,000 euros in the example, does not always flow into a new project. Credit in difficult cases is mainly in demand for rescheduling.

Problems where the rate load drives debtors to the performance limits. Exactly in such cases the Con Prassem Bank can become a problem solver.

The required 100,000 euro loan, should be financed even with a duration of 144 months. However, risk loans cost a high interest.

According to 2/3 example borrowers pay 15.95 percent APR.

Apply safely – strong brand approved

Apply safely - strong brand approved

Hand on the heart. With 100000 euro credit really nothing should be ignored, otherwise it will be expensive. Of course, to get a personal impression of yourself is right.

But it is also advisable to assure yourself of professional assistance. Creditend offers exactly that. Simply risk-free, even strong brand tested sure to make the loan application.

The application leads to Creditend. Creditend examines the desire for credit, according to the benchmarks of the banks in comparison, but carefully before fast.

The portal develops suitable proposals and calculates the real credit opportunities for applicants. It is no problem to qualify immediately for the desired loan.

If, according to the application, there are no opportunities to receive the desired 100,000 euro loan, Creditend will also state this clearly.

Tips on how to improve personal credit opportunities in difficult cases, there is free.